I have LOVED writing this blog post. As a not-so-secret hippy at heart, I love anything that puts the eco back into daily life. 

Not only will these 5 tips help you to personally save the planet but they will also help you to create a more unique and affordable day that is personal to you, and make the planning process so much more fun!

We hope you enjoy our top 5 super easy millennial ways to put the eco back into your wedding day, if you like any of the ideas let us know in the comments at the end of this post, we’d love to know if you are going to put any into practice.

1. Scoff the eco way

This is our favourite tip, mainly because it involves eating. The secret is sourcing and using local produce.

Not only is this eco, but it will make your wedding feast SO delicious. The best thing about this tip is you get to spend as many weekends as you desire hunting out the coolest farmers markets local to you and scoffing on every sampler you can get your hands on.

These independent traders pour love into every single item they sell meaning their produce is of a higher quality and so much more delicious than anything you’ll pick up in your local supermarket. Chat to the traders, tell them about your plans and let them advise you on what would work well. Whether it’s local cheese, meat, desserts, wine, or apple juice (like our very own My Wedding Fair member Hill Farm Juice) you are sure to source something super delicious and super unique that has been grown in your area with minimal carbon footprint. It also makes a great talking point on your wedding day, it’s a quadruple win!

MWF TOP TIP: If you have a designated caterer please ensure they are happy to use your chosen produce.

2. Grow Your Own

Eco and something that has been seen in styling trends before, but we think it’s going to make a bigger impact over the next year (think cacti and indoor plants). This tip is an insanely cool way to put a personal touch on your day and involve your wedding crew if they want to offer a helping hand. If you havent already guessed, we’re talking about potted plants.

You save money, you save the planet, and you can go as floral heavy as you wish (go heavy guys, real heavy). Whether you want to line the entrance of your venue or add cute little pots to each table setting this is quite frankly the BEST way to eco up your day. Mainly because all those lovely flowers will be alive and act as a reminder of your special day for years to come (with a bit of tender love & care). Cool huh.

Right now we are obsessing over Rose Clover‘s epic collection of cool plants and cute ceramic pots. We are certan you’ll become just as obsessed too, and may start your wed-plant-collection pretty soon after browsing.

NOTE: make sure you double-check the time of year your favourite plants go into flower to get the best out of them.

You can find more green fingered inspiration over on our Pinterest pages.

3. Waste Not, Want Not

It’s a pretty standard rule in the eco world, but an important one.

Being an “ex” Wedding Venue Manager I have seen how much waste a wedding produces and let me tell you it’s A L O T! I have spent many a Sunday trying to squash down bin bags in huge industrial bins just to cram more in. I also think we can all say we are guilty of popping our glass down during a wedding and coming back to an array of lipstick stained glasses, so we quickly abort the glass rescue and head for a fresh new one. 

Here are a few tips to reduce that waste:

  1. Use glass tags for guests to decrease the number of glasses heading to the washing up bowl. This has been around for years but such a good way to save on the washing up and save money on glass hire!
  2.  Ask your caterer to recycle EVERYTHING. Most caterers will do everything they can but things can get pretty busy behind the scenes. If you note that you would like as much recycled as possible they will go above and beyond to do this for you (well, all the good ones will!)
  3. If you have to use disposable plates and cutlery try to seek recycled items such as bamboo plates (they also look a lot nicer!).
  4. To reduce food waste really listen to your caterer about exactly what you will need. We know, the fear sets in that the buffet will run out and guests will go hungry, but the professionals really know what is best. Again, another way to not only be super eco but also reduce costs.

4. Brit-Made

As HUGE advocates of local independent companies in the UK, this one was a given. You can make a big difference to your carbon footprint by sourcing your gown from a British Designer, just to remember to ensure all their gowns are fully made within the UK. 

OR recycle a dress. Whether you revamp a loved ones gown or check out your local charity shop options (Oxfam have a dedicated site) you can not only save money but both you and the planet will be looking so much better for it.

5. Animal Friendly

This is a biggy for us, and sometimes can be a bit of a minefield. Ensuring your bridal makeup brands are free from animal testing is such a simple way to be a lover of all things bright and beautiful (yup, we went there with the classic wedding hymn puns).

If you’re struggling with this and worried you might be using a company that test on animals, ask your Makeup Artist, they will happily guide you, or if you’re going it alone there are HEAPS of blogs out there showcasing the best products. Here’s an epic blog listing 101 brands that are free from animal testing via Cruelty Free Kitty. (there are so many epic brands in there…hi Charlotte Tilbury).